Bella Hadid Is Flawless In Latest No Makeup Selfie

Given that Gigi Hadid is older and everything, I would usually say that her younger sister is following in her footsteps. In this instance, however, I think it’s actually the other way around because Bella Hadid posted a makeup free selfie to Instagram, and even though her sister did the same thing a few days ago, Bella’s definitely not copying her. I say this because she does this sort of thing all of the time. But, who could blame Gigi from getting inspiration from her sis’s Insta feed, you know? Especially when both models are killing it.

Gigi may have just landed a major gig, but that doesn’t mean that her sibling isn’t also doing the dang thing. When it comes to a minimal look, the younger Hadid has that down pat. Oh, and those early morning selfies? She’s a pro at those, too. Let’s just say, her “woke up like this” is way better than mine. Every. Single. Time.

See all of the times that this horse-riding, modeling Hadid has gone makeup free on Insta. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean about her inspiring her older sibling to follow suit. Whether they’re copying each other or not, these girls are undeniably amazing at going au naturel.

Early mornings never looked so good.

Although, rainy days are looking pretty good right about now, too.

1. You Are My Sunshine

I really wish I was as much of a morning person as she is.

2. Puppy Love

Who needs makeup when you can just bury your face in an adorable puppy?

3. Chill

Just chilling with no makeup on.

4. Jet Lag

Jet lag suits her well.

5. Model Life

Gotta catch some shut eye when you can, you know?

6. Windblown

Breezy babe.

7. Pouty

Even with no makeup at all, she's still got the perfect pout.

I'd love to be more like the Hadid sisters in the morning. My current morning situation is a little more like this

Rather than

But I'm working on it.

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