Little Mix's "Grown" Lyrics Indicate How Far They've Come

Don't you know that Little Mix are grown now? Days after releasing a snippet of "Clued In," Little Mix officially released the empowering "Grown." While we first heard "Grown" at the iTunes Music Festival, this studio version confirms what we already knew: It's a really, really great song.

"Grown" fits in with Get Weird's theme of the singers empowering themselves and their listeners. It's anthemic in the stylings of "Salute," with the maturity of women who've been there, done that. "It's funny how the tables turn / I'm sitting back baby watching you burn," they belt. "No regrets, it's a lesson learned / 'Cause what you think ain’t my concern." Yep, they aren't about to be concerned with someone who used to mistreat them.

They elaborate on the situation, adding, "Your voice dropped, you thought that you could handle me / You claimed me, but now you trying to holla me / You're washed up and now I'm in a different league / Trying way too hard and I don't need your flattery." Not only are Little Mix unafraid to call it like it is (they're definitely out of this person's league), they're reminding us all to stick up for ourselves. It's empowering that they're both able to recognize their mistakes and how they learned from them.

This growth is pretty neatly wrapped up in the title "Grown," but it truly reflects how far Little Mix have come. While "Little Me," a track from 2013's Salute, expressed similar sentiments of learning from the past, "Grown" has an extra dose of confidence to it. As a result, "Grown" feels like the band are imparting their own wisdom on their listeners. And, guys, they have a lot to say.

You can check out "Grown" on Little Mix's upcoming Get Weird, which drops on November 6.