Malika Haqq Responds To Chinx Drugz’s Death On 'DASH Dolls' & It Is Emotional

Tragedy struck the latest episode of DASH Dolls: the news broke that rapper Chinx Drugz had died. Throughout Sunday's episode, we watched Malika attempt to come to terms with her ex-boyfriend's death. Though Chinx's name has never been explicitly mentioned on the E! reality series, his relationship with Malika has been addressed on DASH Dolls several times.

On May 17, 2015, Chinx passed away after he was shot in a drive-by shooting. The show opted to spare us the awful details surrounding his death (which, if you ask me, was the right call; I think it might've been tasteless to juxtapose the aforementioned awful details with, I don't know, Melanie pretending to be a s'more hand monster), but it did feature a grief-stricken Malika grappling with the sudden loss of her ex-boyfriend.

“I feel like I should’ve answered the phone. I should’ve answered the texts,” Malika says in a talking head. “I should’ve gone on vacation with him. I never thought I wouldn’t have one more time to tell my friend that I love him.”

No, their relationship was not conventional (Chinx was technically still married when he dated Malika), but as far as grief is concerned, that's irrelevant. Needless to say, Sunday night's DASH Dolls was an emotional, heartbreaking episode of television.