Jay Z Got Shown Up By A Pre-teen

Jay Z might be one of the most well established rappers in the game, but even big-name rappers have to cede the crown at some point, although rarely at their own concert. Upon seeing a boy with a sign saying "can I rap for you?" in the crowd, Jay Z invited 12-year-old Justin onstage to rap, and that's when the magic began. I think I want to be this kid when I grow up, this kid is so brave it actually hurts.

Watch the video, because Justin is awesome, but also because Jay Z is super cute about it. However, you'll probably watch it more than once because a) Justin's "calming breaths" moment is freaking adorable and 2) he is a shockingly good rapper, considering he isn't even a teenager yet. I feel like he has a Rick-Ross-if-Rick-Ross-Was-Less-Obese sound to him, he's like the Rick Ross of the Bar Mitzvah age set, which was a niche that probably needed filling. Just wait and watch him become the next Justin Bieber, the internet is a crazy place and this kid has more talent in his little toe than Riff Raff has in his whole body anyway.

Image: Getty Images