You'll Never Believe Who He Partied With

Aaron Paul's life is officially so absurd that it's awesome. In an interview with Details magazine for their Feb. 2014 issue, the Breaking Bad star and Golden Globe nominee told one of the greatest party stories we've heard in basically the history of the universe. Paul once Aaron Paul partied with the Prince and Princesses of Brunei AND Michael Jackson. Just let that sink in. Aaron Paul is literally so charming and wonderful that even when he doesn't know the host and breaks their hovercraft, he somehow still manages to be their favorite party guest.

Paul told Details that the party was held six years ago outside of London to celebrate the Prince of Brunei's 25th birthday. The actor was invited along as someone's plus-one and quickly fell into the prince's good graces when he suggested that they chase the thousand sheep surrounding the castle. (Either that was the best game he could come up with, or that's royalty's idea of a great party game.) He also recounted to the magazine that he broke the Prince's hovercraft, "If I have a chance to hovercraft around a castle, I'm going to hovercraft around a castle," but it was okay because everyone loved him so much that it didn't matter if he broke their incredibly expensive toys.

But chasing sheep, breaking hovercrafts, and new royal BFFs aren't even the best part of this story. The actor told Details that he was heading back to his room at the end of the night when he was stopped and told that the Prince wanted to see him in his library. Obviously he went because when a prince wants you somewhere — you go. And what went down in the library went a little something like this:

So I go down there, and he's sitting on the couch with Michael Jackson, and me and Michael Jackson end up having this hour-long heart-to-heart about family and upbringings, and I remember, he just put his arm around my shoulder and said, 'You know, if you've had a rough childhood or not, it's all about forgiveness. Once you realize that, it's fine. Everything's fine.'

So he goes to the Prince's library and meets Michael Jackson where they have an epic heart-to-heart and bond immediately over their childhoods. This just sounds like an epically wild dream that you remember the next day but it's so outlandish that you're pretty sure you're making it up. BUT WAIT — it gets even better from here because of course, this is Aaron Paul we're talking about:

And I'm like, 'Michael, you are absolutely right,' he says. And then I go, 'Do you want to do a shot?' And he goes, 'Sure!' And I was like, 'Okay, Michael, let's do this.'

And I was like, "TEQUILA FOR EVERYONE, HELL YEAH!" Just kidding. But then he took a shot with Michael Jackson and they lived happily ever after in best friendship with the Prince and Princesses of Brunei.

Best. Party. Story. Ever.

Image: Getty Images