What Happens when 'GIRLS' Meets CATS?

Will we ever get tired of movie and television parodies done by adorable animals? The latest parody dares us to ask the question again, and the verdict is still no. Especially when it's a parody of GIRLS done by a bunch of fluffy kittens. Not only are these foster kittens the visual equivalent of eating a hot fudge sundae and then taking a nap on a cloud, they're dead ringers for the twentysomething girls that everyone either loves or loves to hate. Hannah-cat feels very entitled to her milk, Marnie-cat is pissed that her cat ex-boyfriend is "Instagram famous," Shoshanna-cat gets too excited and falls into a box, and Jessa-cat tries to seduce a dog. Also, there's a scene where Hannah-cat parties in a tiny yellow mesh shirt in a tiny club for cats.

This video has shown us that when it comes to entertainment parodies re-enacted by fluffy animals, the sky's the limit. What's next? A parody of Heathers re-enacted with Persian cats playing the Heathers? The Godfather with the Corleone family as a family of dogs — or should I say, The Dogfather? A version of Mean Girls where chinchillas play every role? Parks and Recreation with the gang played by the dogs (and cat) that April determined they were most like? This GIRLS and cats crossover shows us the great hope for 2014: more YouTube videos of adorable animals. Also, maybe Lena Dunham will do an episode of GIRLS acted entirely by cats — we can always dream.

Image: Getty