Tristan Isn't Working Alone On 'The Originals'

When The Originals' kicked off on Thursday night, Elijah and Klaus were two peas in a pod, ready to work together to figure out what their first sires — Tristan and Lucien, respectively — were up to. By the end of "The Axeman's Letter," Elijah was one step closer to figuring out what Tristan was really up to, and it isn't good. All this time, Elijah and Klaus thought that Tristan and Lucien were trying to kill each other, but it turns out Tristan and Lucien might be working together.

While Klaus reunited with his ex-girlfriend Aurora, Elijah decided to do some investigating on Tristan. To that end, Elijah went to have a little chat with his first sire and used his heartbeat as a lie detector. When Elijah confronted Tristan about his sister, Aurora, Tristan's heart rate remained steady, but when Elijah mentioned the possibility of Tristan working with someone, his heart rate sped up. Curious about what Tristan might be hiding, Klaus went to Marcel who offered to put a tail on Tristan. Later that day, Marcel had some news: Tristan used an old tunnel system to sneak away to a private property outside of town...owned by Kingmaker, Lucien's company!

Could it be that Lucien and Tristan aren't really enemies, but allies? If they are working together as Elijah and Marcel suspect, then why? Hiding their alliance from Elijah and Klaus suggests that they want to either dethrone or kill the Mikaelson brothers. But, killing an Original would result in killing their entire line — and certain death for either Lucien or Tristan (or possibly both). Maybe they have a way of keeping themselves alive even if their sire dies? Or perhaps their plan is far more intricate than previously thought. All I know is that I don't like this twosome. Not one bit.

Images: The CW; Giphy