Photos Of University Of Missouri Protests Passionately Make Clear They're Not Going Anywhere

University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe resigned Monday after students, faculty, and 30 football players all boycotted their respective duties to force his resignation. A group called Concerned Student 1950, named for the first year the university admitted a black student, alleged that Wolfe hadn't done enough to combat a culture of systematic racism and oppression across the university's campus, according to The New York Times. Wolfe resigned, saying that he hoped his resignation could start the campus' healing process, but that didn't stop students from protesting for better treatment and true equality. Photos of University of Missouri protests make it clear that students will not be silent until their demands are met.

Members of Concerned Student 1950 tried to approach Wolfe at the October homecoming parade, but Wolfe drove away in his car, according to NBC News. This combined with an interaction Wolfe had with students Friday, where he seemed to suggest systematic oppression is imagined by black students rather than something with real, tangible effects, led to the protests and, for one student, a hunger strike, according to The Washington Post. Students from Concerned Student 1950 called for Wolfe to resign, for a "comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum," and for black people to represent 10 percent of the faculty and staff by 2017-2018, among other demands, according to ABC News. Photos of their protests show that they won't be giving up anytime soon.

Images: Brian Wiedeke/Fotolia