Bride Walks Down the Aisle Wearing Google Glass for a Wedding Day She Will Never Forget

They say that your wedding day, should you choose to have one, is something that you will never forget. Well, in order to make absolute sure of that, bride Jessica Kuan walked down the aisle wearing Google Glass so that she could document the event for eternal posterity.

Kuan did so as part of a project called "Ok, Glass, I do," which, according to its website, is "a place to showcase, and provide commentary on, the impact that the increasing prevalence of wearable technology has on our world." It asks "What if every major moment of our lives was recorded for eternity; If memories were made for beyond death do us part? What impact will it have on our long held traditions? On our relationships and our businesses?" I think the impact it will have is that the photos of you walking down the aisle will look super tacky because you have Google Glass on your head. Also if we are too busy documenting the moments of our lives with technology then we aren't fully present to enjoy them and all that blah blah brb I have to go post something to Instagram.

Kuan told Mashable, “My husband and I have a love for technology. We wanted to use Google Glass to capture the most intimate moment of our lives. All my friends told me they were so emotional that they actually forgot walking down the aisle. This was an experience I never want to forget.”

If this is all about bringing a bit of themselves into the event then more power to them. You can see the video Kuan's walk down the aisle below.

Image: Fotolia