Nike's Riccardo Tisci Collaboration, Nike RT, Is on the Way

Who better to design a line of pumped-up kicks for Nike than the great Givenchy creative director? Riccardo Tisci has been tapped to develop a line of ultra-chic sneakers for Nike, called Nike RT, confirming that fitness and fashion are truly indivisible for 2014. The collection will hit shelves this spring.

The collection is already eagerly anticipated by both Nike and consumers of the brand's products. Few particulars have been released, but we hope Tisci's signature Gothic style enters into the designs. As for the impetus behind the collaboration, it appears that there has long been a mutual admiration between the multinational company and the designer. Tisci himself reported to that Nike has always been a favorite of his, saying, "For me, Nike represents a lot: my childhood, America."

Don't expect a newly minted edition of the Nike Fuelband in the RT collection, however; Tisci verified that his contributions will be strictly artistic, explaining:

I couldn't bring them technology, so instead I brought them my style, what people like me for and what the young generation follows me for.

2013 ushered Isabel Marant's Bekett trainers onto the fashion scene, and it seems that 2014 may well be the year of the Riccardo Tisci Nike. After all, who can resist owning a piece of fashion history at a fraction of the traditional couture price? Count us in for the edgy, street style-inspired creations the designer is sure to concoct.

Images: Getty; riccardotisci17/Instagram