Laz Reveals A Big Secret On 'Empire'

Well, Laz just found himself on the wrong side of a million Cookie Monsters (is that what Cookie's fans are called?). After a week of wondering who kidnapped Hakeem on Empire , we finally got our answer. And Cookie is not going to be happy about it. It was suspected that Laz was hiding something from Cookie when it was revealed that he has the same tattoo as the gang that abducted Hakeem, but color me naive, there was still hope he wasn't a bad guy. Well, after a meeting in a car, it's basically confirmed that Laz is working with the abductors. And he's not done with Lyon Dynasty.

After a few days "laying around" in bed together, Laz snuck away from Cookie and took a quick meeting with one of the abductors in a dark vehicle. Aka, shady. Laz tells the man that he's taking care of the situation, and says that they are going to get paid 10 times more than they asked. Laz explains that he has Cookie setting up a concert that will bring in a ton of money for them, so not only will they get paid for the concert, but then she'll also go to them for protection and security.

If you remember, after Hakeem was kidnapped, Laz tried to convince Cookie to hire the kidnappers for protection and offer them money. Now it makes sense why he offered that, because he was going to get a cut of that money!

Adam Rodriguez, you disappoint me.

So, what does this mean for Lyon Dynasty? It seems that Laz has completely infiltrated Cookie's life. But, don't kill me for saying this, she's a smart cookie. Hopefully she'll realize that Laz is up to something — aka stealing her money — and will put an end to his shady ways.

That will also probably put an end to Cookie and Laz: The Relationship, but she loves Lucious anyway, right? Those two are bound to reunite, and Laz was just a mild distraction.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; Giphy