An Easy Pizza Nail Art Tutorial You're Gonna Drool Over — VIDEO

If you're feeling a little unenthused when it comes to your manicure, I'd highly recommend looking to your favorite food for inspiration. Pizza nail art just so happens to be one of the easiest meal-related looks to pull off — and it looks absolutely scrumptious, of course.

New York-based nail artist Elissa Schell dropped by Bustle Studios to create this drool-worthy manicure that can be accomplished in just five quick steps. As long as you have a nail art brush and a dotting tool (or toothpick!), recreating the look below will be a total breeze. Just remember the most important step for getting a design that really pops: Laying down a base of white polish underneath your pizza slice. It creates a guide for your triangle and ensures your cheese and crust won't bleed into the background.

We went with a meat lovers pie for this particular look, but if you're committed to matching your nails to your vegetarian lifestyle, swap the pepperonis for some green pepper squiggles or gray mushroom dots. And if you're not digging the pastel blue base, this pizza looks just as striking on a bare nail. Seriously, it's the yummiest take on the negative space nail trend I've ever seen.

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