Match the 2014 Grammy Nominees' Real Names With Their Stage Names — Quiz!

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When Grammy nominee Rihanna sings "Oh na na, what's my name?", do you know the answer? Okay, yes,"Rihanna" is correct... sort of. It's her middle name. If this was a Jeopardy! question and I was Alex Trebek, I'd tell you that I'm only able to accept "What is [first, middle, and last name]" as an answer. Sorry to be a stickler, but Jeopardy! rules are Jeopardy! rules.

Sure, Rihanna seems like she could be a superhero or a deity who appeared out of thin air with only a mononym, but that isn't the case. The pop superstar has a first name and last name. Like a normal, everyday person! (However, I'm pretty sure having a first and last name is the only way she's, like, a normal, everyday person. Otherwise, she's more or less a deity.)

Stage names are not a new phenomenon, but that doesn't make them any less fun. Maybe it's just me, but every time I read a musician's actual/full name, I feel like I know them a little bit better. Like I know the "real" them. Like we're friends who get brunch on the weekends and can depend on one another for rides to the airport and text each other furiously about Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Yep, reading a musician's real name makes me feel like he/she is my BFF. That's normal, right?

If you take a peek at the 2014 Grammy nominees' names, you'll find that Rihanna isn't the only artist with a stage moniker on that list. You know what that means? More musicians' names for me to learn/MORE MUSICIANS FOR ME TO IMAGINE AS MY BESTIES. Sounds good to me. So! Let us go through the real names of Grammy nominees and try to pick out their corresponding stage names (and be best friends all of them in our minds. Because that's normal, RIGHT?). LET'S DO THIS.

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