Democratic Debate Memes Highlight How Voters Really Feel About The Candidates

The second Democratic debate of the 2016 primary season was a chance for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley to prove their individual capacity to be commander-in-chief of the country. Following ISIS's claim of responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night that left 129 dead, CBS changed the focus of the presidential debate to address the assaults and the threat of ISIS. Voters were anxious to hear how the candidates would address terrorism if president, and Democratic debate memes highlight what Americans thought of their plans for ISIS, as well as the economy and the other issues addressed.

Memes have become the ultimate way for viewers to quickly voice their opinions about a presidential debate or specific candidate, whether Republican or Democrat. A picture's worth a thousand words after all, which is especially helpful since Twitter has a 140-character limit. Pictures are also more fun. Since the Democratic nomination race has narrowed, each of the three candidates still chasing after the White House were the focus of more memes as they debated foreign policy on stage at Drake University in Iowa.

Here are some great memes that sum up how voters thought Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley did during the second Democratic debate.