Gwen Took The '60s Cat Eye To The Next Level

She's always been a source of serious makeup inspiration, but according to People, Gwen Stefani's '60s-inspired makeup on The Voice on Tuesday night may just be the best look she's ever rocked. And she's rocked a lot of fantastic looks, so you know it's next-level amazingness.

The singer has given us a lot of reasons to tune into The Voice this season — from her eye-catching ensembles, to her ever-changing hairstyles and colors, to her new relationship with fellow coach Blake Shelton. But her makeup also deserves a serious shoutout, particularly the dramatic look she rocked on Tuesday night. Stefani took a cue from the past and channelled my absolutely favorite decade, the '60s, with a graphic minidress, thigh high boots, and a seriously statement-making cat-eye. Trust me, this is not your average winged eyeliner.

Stefani's makeup artist, Mary Phillips, created the retro look with a thick, winged cat-eye that wrapped all around her eye for extra drama. Then, she drew a thinner line in the opposite direction over her eyelids to connect to the flick, and of course piled on the mascara. As for her lip, with an eye that dramatic, she decided to keep it nude and glossy.

Oh man. Someone give me a reason to wear this outfit, please! Also, check out the makeup up close:

Something that gorgeous takes serious skills, but no worries, because here are a couple of tutorials to help you recreate the look yourself.

Cat Eye

Before you get all crazy with updating it, it's probably best to learn how to do a basic cat eye first.

'60s Eye

No one embodied '60s drama quite like Brigitte Bardot. This tutorial will help you recreate her signature cat-eye.


A nude lip sounds simple, but if you want it ultra lacquered and shiny like Stefani's, that takes a few extra steps.