Mom Took A College Exam In The Middle Of Labor

Brand new hero alert: this mom took her college exam while in labor. I mean, having never gone through labor, I can't personally attest to how difficult that would be. But knowing people who have gone through labor and being a woman who has been made generally aware of the extreme pain and messiness of labor since I could talk, I recognize this for the amazing feat it is. Think about it like this: this woman did an important college exam while a person was trying to come out of her vagina. I can barely concentrate when there's music playing. The brave, dedicated, studious mother is Tommitrise Collins, and she's got the kind of guts and resolve we should all be striving for.

Collins went into labor just at the time she was supposed to take her college psychology exam, and decided to multi-task. Collins forwent pain medication so she could take the exam online, and moreover, was experiencing contractions that were already 3 minutes apart all the while. She even managed to complete the two hour test in around an hour and a half. Guys, WHILE GETTING A BABY OUT OF HER, TOO. I am in awe of this woman. Baby girl Tyler came into the world shortly after weighing seven pounds and 10 ounces and with an extremely fierce mother as a female role model.

I mean, that's some Beyonce level fierceness right there.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy