Michelle Obama's Second Inauguration Dress To Be Displayed At Smithsonian

The First Lady is making an impact in the fashion world once again. Michelle Obama's second inauguration gown is being sent to The Smithsonian to be displayed as part of the museum's 100th anniversary of its First Ladies exhibition.

Historically, the Smithsonian has always displayed all first ladies' inauguration dresses. However, this will be the first time in history that the museum will display a gown from a second inauguration. Along with Obama's memorable chiffon red dress, designed by Jason Wu, the First Lady's corresponding inauguration Jimmy Choo shoes will also be part of the exhibit.

Typically, second inauguration gowns are displayed only in presidential libraries, but Smithsonian curator Lisa Kathleen Graddy said it seemed like a good time to start a new tradition, the AP reported.

"There's such interest in the dress," Graddy said. "I thought maybe it would be interesting if we could borrow the dress and do a special display, a special limited-time display so that people would get a chance to see it."

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Since donning a memorable white gown (also designed by Wu) for the first inauguration, Michelle Obama has been an unquestionable style star (and one that wears J.Crew just like us at that). The custom designed, velvet embellished second inauguration gown was arguably as defining of fashion moment for the First Lady as was the first.

Visitors to the Smithsonian can view the famous dress, along with other first lady memorabilia as of Tuesday.

Images: Getty Images