'Girls' Is Free Online Right Now

Are you a Girls fan with no subscription to HBO? Are you a Girls fan with a subscription to HBO who just got so caught up watching the Golden Globes last night that you totally forgot to watch and/or DVR the two-part season three premiere of Girls? Are you just too lazy to turn on your TV right now and watch said episodes of Girls? Are you in a somewhat similar situation I didn't think to list off here? Well then, boy, do I have some great news for you: HBO has posted the season three premiere episodes of Girls for free on YouTube, in an effort to promote the upcoming season and make life a little easier for everybody.

As of now, it's not clear how long the episodes will be available on YouTube, or if the rest of the series will also be uploaded to the network's account every week, 12 hours after the show airs. So, if you're interested in watching the premiere (which you should be, because the episodes are great), it's probably best to drop whatever you're doing and just watch them now. If you're at work, use headphones, because this is still an HBO show.

Check out both of the episodes below.

Image: HBO