9 Ways To Get Ready In Under 5 Minutes

Five minutes is all you need to put your best face forward in the morning. Seriously. Whether you've hit the snooze button a few too many times or just slept through your alarm entirely, there are plenty of ways to get ready in under five minutes. While that may sound completely crazy, these nine YouTubers put it to the test. From quick makeup to fast fashion, these tutorials show you how to get ready quickly without looking like a hot mess.

We've all been there. It isn't easy to jump out of bed, and look perfect in five minutes flat. However, it isn't impossible. All you need to do is to simplify your routine. Take your wardrobe for instance. If I'm running late, I immediately throw on my favorite outfit. Whether it's pearls and heels or a T-shirt and jeans, have one foolproof ensemble you know you can throw on without thinking. It's so simple, you don't have to think about it. As for makeup, I like to cheat a little bit. Fool everyone into thinking you've had hours to get ready by throwing on a bold lipstick. It seriously pulls together your look, even if you skip all other products. Wondering what else you can do to get ready fast? Here are a few awesome YouTube tutorials on how to look great in five minutes or less.

1. Fresh Makeup

This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to get fresh, dewy makeup in under five minutes! It's a lazy-girl's dream come true.

2. Easy Glamour

YouTube star, Jaclyn Hill is by far the queen of glam on the Internet. Learn how to create her simple, everyday makeup in under five minutes.

3. Travel Ready

Getting ready while on-the-go can be such a struggle. This tutorial shows you how to get ready quickly while traveling.

4. Flawless Face

Have you ever been rushing to get ready, and then notice a nasty blemish has appeared out of nowhere? Yep, me too. This dewy skin routine covers everything up in a flash.

5. 24-Hour Turnaround

Sleeping in last night's makeup isn't ideal, but sometimes that may be what you have to work with. Freshen up last night's makeup with this quick and easy routine.

6. Last Minute Chic

Transform yourself from head to toe with this adorable, five minute guide.

7. Crazy Cute

Get out the door fast with this five minute makeup routine. Running late has never looked so good.

8. Fast Flair

A bold lip is an easy way to trick people into thinking that you weren't running late this morning.

9. Contoured Queen

Running late doesn't mean you can forget to contour. Here's how to get an #onfleek contour in under five minutes.

Now you can feel a little less frantic if you get your full eight hours.

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