Burberry's Latest Campaign Star Is... You?

Burberry's holiday ads are always so chic and festive, but this year it won't just be just models and celebs twirling around in front of the camera. According to Marketing Magazine customers at the flagship store on Regent Street in London can turn themselves into Burberry's latest campaign star. If you've always dreamed of starring in a designer brand's campaign, book a flight to the UK because now is your chance.

Once you walk into the store, you'll see "The Burberry Booth," which the brand teamed up with Google to create. Once inside the booth, Marketing Magazine explained "users are filmed jumping on the spot. The footage is then spliced into a 15-second edit of the ad, which is emailed to customers." So all you have to do is check your inbox to discover an email of you happily chilling with the other stars of Burberry's 2015 holiday campaign, including Naomi Campbell, Elton John, and Romeo Beckham. Not bad company, eh?

So why is Burberry doing something so awesome? The brand's hope is that you'll post your specialized ad campaign video on YouTube. Fun for you and free marketing for them!

Check out the video below to see where you'll be popping up:

Don't know what kind of face you want to make while jumping? I consulted the queen of selfies, Kylie Jenner, to help inspire you.

1. The Kiss Face

Classic, cute, and all the mistletoe vibes.

2. The Subdued Glam Face

You know you look good.

3. The "Mhhhhhm" Face

If you wanna look all kinds of Burberry bliss, this is the face to make.

4. The Slightly Puzzled Face

It would make sense to look a little confused if you're jumping in the air with celebs, so this is a pretty solid facial expression choice IMO.

5. The "Oh Hey" Face

Sweet, bright eyed, and bushy-tailed.

6. The Edgy Face

Yeah, Elton John, whatever.

7. The Subtle Smile

Nothing more chic than just a hint of smile.

Images: KingKylie/Instagram