College Humor "If Google Was a Guy" Video Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Have you ever deleted your internet history solely because of your ridiculous and embarrassing Google searches? Yeah, we’ve all been there. If not, then you clearly have a secret second computer. I’m on to you.

And did you ever wonder (in terror) what it would be like if someone was able to see all the Google searches you’ve ever made? Yes, including that time when you had to look up all those X-rated urban dictionary terms "for a friend" (#dirtysancho). Not to mention all those times you had to look up “angle versus angel” because seriously who remembers the difference? And that time you Googled Henry Cavil every day….and “shirtless Henry Cavil” three times a day….maybe even four. Let’s also not forget about how you enter your own name in the search engine once a week….and your crush’s, ex’s, and enemy’s name just as often. Everything that has ever lead you straight to WebMD? Yes, this omniscient person would see that too, butt warts and all.

So what if Google was a real person you had to talk to in order to complete your search? College Humor made a video asking that exact question. Be prepared to spam your Facebook friends with the hilarity that follows.