'American Idol' Did These Stars Well

Forbes just released their list of the 2013 Top Earning American Idol Alumni. Rounding off the top three coveted spots are Carrie Underwood at $31 million, Kelly Clarkson at $7 million, and Phillip Phillips tied with Adam Lambert at $5 million. With Idol floundering between poor ratings and cast shake ups in the last couple of years, let's take a look at where the stars of American Idol's glory days are now.

1. Carrie Underwood

Where is she? TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Not only did Underwood earn four times more than her closest money-earning fellow alum, but she has been just about everywhere lately. Underwood's last album, Blown Away, went platinum and her tour by the same name earned just under 3 million in ticket sales. Underwood has also taken her talent back to the small screen starring in the much talked about live performance of The Sound of Music, where she starred as Maria.

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2. Kelly Clarkson

While she hasn't earned the same mula that Underwood has, she is certainly not anywhere near the poor house. Clarkson earns most of her money doing shows and at the ripe age of 31 the powerhouse singer has already released a greatest hits album. Currently, Clarkson is focusing more on family life and we think it's well deserved. She just got married this past October and is expecting her first child.

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3. Phillip Phillips (tied with Lambert)

This raspy-voiced alum has had the best selling debut song to date, boasting more than 4 million copies for the hit, "Home." At only 23, Phillips first album has gone platinum and we only see things for the soulful singer going up from here. By Forbes' count he has already played more than 90 shows.

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3. Adam Lambert (tied with Phillips)

Lambert's doing alright for himself. After his first album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, he went on to release another album entitled Trespassing which earned him much praise. Lambert has embarked on a world wide tour, collaborated with artists such as Lady Gaga, and continues to make headlines in the music world. These days though, it seems that Adam wants to shift his focus. The raven haired singer turned actor has earned a guest spot on Glee as the flamboyant and talented Starchild.

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