Children Of 9/11 Victims Speak To Paris Survivors

In the wake of the aftermath of the devastating attacks on Paris, an American storyteller has reached out to children who lost parents in 9/11 speak to Paris survivors in a deeply impactful and moving video. Children have been losing parents to war and violence since the beginning of our time, but the rationalization and acceptance of loss due to terrorism is a bit more difficult to fathom. And in an age when tragedy is broadcast across international news stations and papers and radio waves, the concept of personal loss is lost. The survivors of the Paris attacks share their loss with the world much the same way that 9/11 survivors share their losses. As the country mourns for defeat and the concept of loss, the survivors struggle to keep their losses their own.

The reality of the matter is that terrorism as we know it is relatively new to our generation, so there is no established etiquette or therapy in place to properly communicate and support victims and survivors of terrorism. That said, there's no support like the support given by someone who's been in the same isolating and uncharted position. Hearing from the kids who lost parents in 9/11 is unlike any existing commentary on the subject of terrorism. The heart and profundity in their words is inspiring, chilling, and progressive. Some poetic highlights include:

Terrorists Are More Afraid Than You Are

Terrorist attacks are driven by fear.

Don't Add To It

When you've seen the ugliest of human nature, you strive to better it.

Hope Is The Strongest Weapon

A smile is sharper than a frown.

Watch the full video here:

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