"Pot In The Latkes" Rap Just Won Hanukkah

I'm not Jewish, but I love latkes, and this pot in the latkes holiday rap just made me love them even more. I mean, who doesn't love fried potato-y goodness with a dollop of sour cream and drug-related humor? For those of you not familiar with latkes, they're like little fried pancakes made mostly from shredded potato, but can also have other veggies, spices, and flavors in them depending on how creative your latke party hosts are getting (I go to a latke party every year and don't talk to anyone there, just stand by the food table shoving latkes in my mouth). You can put apple sauce or sour cream on them or both or whatever you want, really. All you need to know is that they're delightful and delicious. And that in "Pot In The Latkes," they're filled with marijuana.

In this music video for "Pot In The Latkes," Hanukkah gets a weed-addled spin thanks to musician Abby Dorsey, who raps her way through some pot-filled latkes. Abby is also known as MC Flow, and in this video you can see why. The girl can RAP. Watch out Nicki Minaj, stoned Hanukkah is about to rock your world. Here are some highlights from the hilarious video:

1. Abby Shares Her Truth

2. Abby Gets High With Santa

3. Grandmas "Baking"

4. This Amazing Pun

5. Latkes Are Just One Of The Many Reasons Jewish Holidays Are The Best

Watch the whole thing below:

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