This Depressing Holiday Commercial's Plot Twist Just Gave The Whole Internet Heebie Jeebies — VIDEO

Your totally confused emotions of the day come to you courtesy of this insanely depressing commercial with a twist ending you'll never see coming. The ad is from German supermarket company Edeka for the holidays, and it will most likely leave you in disbelief, as it has just about everyone who has watched it. The ad plays on your emotions, opening on a lonely old man, having Christmas on his own, while his family promises to see him but never does. It's heart wrenching, especially when you consider that the elderly often spend the holidays alone. Yes, you will be feeling ALL THE FEELS.

Because the old man's children are all jerks (there are three of them, and they seem to have families of their own, so he has a few grandchildren too), they never come to visit him at Christmas, so when he ups and dies half way through the ad, they all feel as guilty as hell, because they should. Finally, the three siblings and their families make the trek to their dad's house for a funeral, all distraught, probably because of their own carelessness and wasted opportunities. But then... SURPRISE! Dad isn't dead after all. Faking his own death was the only way he could think of to get everyone together. Which is still depressing as hell. Here's how it goes down:

1. Old Man Is Depressingly Alone As His Family Cancels On Christmas

2. Which They Seem To Do A Lot

3. He Dies And Everyone Is A Mess

4. SURPRISE! He's Still Alive!

5. Everyone Has The Best Christmas Ever, Hopefully Won't Fall Back Into Their Routine Of Holiday Absenteeism

Watch the full video below:

EDEKA on YouTube

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