Watch Kylie Jenner Apply Her Lip Kit On Kris Jenner — VIDEOS

The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit is long gone (for the moment) and while we wait for a restock, we get to enjoy seeing her beauty-guru-filled family members try out Jenner's new product. In her latest Snapchat story, we got to watch Kylie Jenner apply her lip kit on Kris Jenner, and it was magic.

First, let me just say that no matter what you think of the uber rich and famous Kardashian-Jenner squad, they are incredibly normal at times and these snaps just prove it. When Kylie let the world watch as she primped and primed Kris Jenner for another day of beauty, it was pretty adorable. Even I have helped my own mother with her beauty regimen, because no makeup knowledge is more sacred than what is passed up and down generations of women.

In the video, Kylie showed off her makeup skills while touching up mom Kris' makeup. While Kris sat happily and slightly amused, Christmas music played in the background. Kylie applied eyeliner, powder — because "you gotta powder it up to stay fresh, lookin' good" — and, of course, her latest Lip Kit By Kylie liquid lipstick. It looks like she applied Candy K — the lightest shade in the lip trio.

Check out Kris' new makeup artist.

Kylie is always looking out for her momager. I love Kris's expression. She seems totally enamored by her youngest daughter.

"I got you."

"Thank God somebody does."

And that right there is what a ride-or-die family looks like.

Is it just me, or is that Kim Kardashian's voice in the background? It would make sense to have Kim K. supervise. After all, she's who paved the way for the family in beauty and makeup.

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