Adele's 'Live In New York' Concert Teaser Is A Short But Sweet Look At The Concert You Missed — VIDEO

It's short, but sweet, and especially good at making sure you're filled with longing over the concert that you didn't get to attend. Unless you did get to attend, in which case you're really lucky, and I hate you. As everyone knows by now, Adele returned to the stage mid-last month by performing at Radio City Music Hall, a concert which is set to air in an NBC special called Adele Live In New York on Monday, Dec. 14. Not only was it Adele's first concert in four years, but it was also a one-night only event, meaning that those of us waiting with bated breath until she announces the tour for her latest album 25 are still sobbing in our beds because we missed it. Luckily, this Adele Live In New York teaser will alleviate some of that sting — some but not all.

Mostly because it really is very short, and features almost no footage from the concert itself. Instead, we get to see Adele as she prepares for the concert, and as the technicians get Radio City Music Hall ready. We get to hear a verse from her nonstop hit "Hello," and we get to hear the announcement that precedes her arrival on the stage. And that's more or less it really, although these short clips of Adele are like water to a thirsty person right now. We have, after all, just come out of a very long Adele drought.

This is more than enough to inspire even the most casual Adele fan to check out this concert, lest they be left in the dust from missing the concert in person and missing it when it aired to the world on TV. You don't want to be that person, now do you? Check out the teaser below.

Image: NBC/YouTube