Scott Disick Reportedly Spotted Filming With Caitlyn Jenner, Which Is Great News For A Couple Of Reasons

Breakups are tricky, but reality show breakups are even trickier. I should know, I was once Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's biggest fan. But let's focus on the present for the sake of my still-broken heart. After Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick broke up and after he entered rehab, I wasn't exactly sure if we'd see him again. But as Us Weekly reports, Disick was seen filming either the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians or I am Cait. The best part? He wasn't alone. The reality star was apparently doing some holiday preparations, as he was shopping for a Christmas tree with Caitlyn Jenner.

Whether this filming news comes as a shock to you or not, you have to admit it's encouraging. Disick adds a uniquely hilarious, greek chorus aspect to the show that is sorely missed when he isn't there to tell it like it is. Another great thing about this news is that it hopefully means he's doing well. Our entertainment aside, the most important thing is that he's focusing on his health and his family. According to sources who spoke with Us Weekly, Kardashian has allowed Disick to spend more time with their family recently, which is nice to hear, but especially nice to actually see.

More things on the encouraging front? The publication also stresses the fact that an eyewitness not only saw Disick and Jenner together, but that they, "Seemed really close and were having a good time. They were talking casually as they strolled around the lot." I'm getting all the feels, because the two have always had a very special relationship; one that I don't think gets enough recognition. It's also one that can withstand whatever obstacles that face it.

Here's looking forward to more of Disick and more interactions between Disick and Jenner together on both shows in the near future.