How To Protect Your Nose From Tissue Burn — PHOTOS

Have you ever used so many tissues to blow a stuffy nose, you've wound up with burning, tender nostrils? If you feel a cold coming on and find yourself starting to reach for tissues, make sure you learn how to protect your nose from tissue burn. Nothing is more painful (or unattractive) than a dry, chapped nose, and it's surprisingly easy to avoid with a little planning.

Similar to chapped lips, chapped noses are common in winter when everyone's catching colds. According to ZocDoc experts, chapped noses are typically caused by excessive nose blowing, as the irritation and tissues strip the nose of its natural moisture. Combine the runny rose and tissue issue with dry, heated indoor air and dramatically cold outdoor temperatures and you've got a recipe for a chapped nose disaster.

For what's it worth, you're totally not alone in your chapped nose struggle. I remember last year during my first New York winter, I caught the meanest cold and since I didn't have any tissues around and felt too under the weather to go buy any, I used cheap toilet paper to blow my nose all night long. That was a poor choice. Even though the cold healed fast, my chapped nose lingered for nearly two weeks.

Learn from my mistakes and follow the tips below so you can easily avoid a chapped nose!

1. Rub Vaseline On Your Nose

Vaseline, $4, Walgreens

While vaseline is a great treatment option for a chapped nose, ZocDoc recommends reaching for it before your nostrils show signs of chapping since it will act as a protective layer between your skin and the tissue.

2. Use Moisturizing Tissues

Puffs Plus Lotion (3 Boxes), $11, Amazon

Livestrong advises always reaching for lotion-infused tissues (not bargain store toilet paper!) when blowing your nose to help keep your skin hydrated.

3. Blow Your Nose Gently

Instead of just blowing as hard as possible, WikiHow suggests trying to blow softly through your nose, one nostril at a time to reduce the strain on your delicate nostril skin.

4. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Ocean Potion Aloe Vera Gel, $11, Amazon

If you're chapped nose feels like it's raw and on fire, reach for aloe vera gel to sooth irritated skin.

5. Purchase A Humidifier

Cool Mist Humidifier, $42, Amazon

If you don't already own one, getting a humidifier to moisturize the air in your home and office can really make a difference in how quickly your chapped nose heals.

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