Republicans Didn't Like Obama's Oval Office Speech

On Sunday night, President Obama delivered the third Oval Office address of his presidency. The topic was national security — or, in the words of the official White House website, "the steps we are taking to keep the American people safe." By and large, Obama doubled-down on the same approaches to counter-terrorism that he's been taking for the last seven years; there wasn't much new in the speech. Likewise, the Republicans who've spent the last seven years bashing these policies were just as livid after Sunday's address. The GOP's reaction to Obama's Oval Office address is yet another reminder that, when it comes to foreign policy, the two major parties aren't anywhere close to the same page.

In his address, Obama outlined four steps that America will take to defeat ISIS, which all essentially amounted to continuations of existing U.S. policy. He also called for stronger gun control laws, stricter screening processes for emigrants who come to America without a visa, and a congressional war resolution to help fight ISIS, presumably one that would apply to both Iraq and Syria.

Republican officials and pundits eagerly chimed in with their responses. Spoiler alert: Most of them aren't very kind.