Amy Poehler Scores A Grammy Nomination For 'Yes Please' & Leslie Knope Is Probably Freaking Out

As if it was possible for her to become more of a successful badass, Amy Poehler is nominated for a 2016 Grammy. Can you believe it? Before you get too excited, it's not for Leslie Knope's campaign song "Catch Your Dream" or Mouse Rat's other hit, "5000 Candles in the Wind," from Parks and Recreation. However, her nomination is for something else pretty spectacular. Poehler is nominated for Best Spoken Word Album for her memoir Yes Please . Of course she is, because it's Amy Poehler and she can do anything, be nominated for anything, and win anything (save for that time she didn't win an Emmy).

Even though it's not a nom for an album or song (yet!), the fact that Poehler can add Grammy nominee (and probably soon-to-be winner) to her resume is beyond impressive. Seriously, what can't she accomplish? Her nomination is just further proof that whatever you put your mind to can result in success — in her case, a Grammy nomination.

I'm sure all die-hard Poehler fans are appropriately freaking out about this news, but you know who else would probably react passionately about it? Leslie Knope. As an influential politician, loyal friend, lover of all things Parks and Rec, Joe Biden enthusiast, and dedicated Pawnee, Indiana resident, it's obvious Leslie would react a few ways about her other half snagging a Grammy nom. Check it out.

She's Freaking Out Hardcore

This is how most of us are feeling.

She's Legitimately Excited

Pretty much my facial expression.

She Can't Stop Eating Waffles

Give me all the waffles, please.

She's Celebrating With Ann

That's what best friends do.

She's Handing Out High-Fives


She Can't Help But Dance


She's Literally Having The Best Day Ever

For. Real.

Now let's all channel our inner Leslie Knope and send Poehler a big congratulations!

Images: Giphy (5); zodiacexplanations/Tumblr