Ellie Goulding's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performance Of "Army" Was The Perfect Soundtrack To The Show

Even though much of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is about the Angels walking the runway in literal diamond covered bras that most of us would need to sell a kidney to afford, it's also about something else equally as entertaining: The performances. After all, models walking down a runway in silence would more than a little creepy. And although, for the past two years, Taylor Swift has performed, this time, she's passing the crowd to another member of her squad (and one of the many stars in her "Bad Blood" music video). Ellie Goulding's performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was just as amazing as I thought it'd be.

Goulding was the second performer to take the stage and busted out her single, "Army," which provided the perfect musical atmosphere for the Angels hitting the runway while wearing gorgeous butterfly wings that did a very good job at distracting you from the fact that this is actually supposed to be advertising Victoria's Secret products. And in Goulding's gorgeous dress, she fit right in among them as she sang her heart out surrounded by other women who are clearly kicking serious butt at life right now.

And unsurprisingly, plenty of the models didn't hold back their excitement about Goulding sharing the stage with them. There was plenty of singing along and dancing, especially backstage, and it was kind of adorable. If you've never experienced the need to become a VS Angel (as I have, just about every day of my life), you're probably finally experiencing it for the first time now. It looks like so much fun!

Bonus points: In an interview, Gigi Hadid mentioned that the performer she was most excited to see was Ellie Goulding, so clearly, I'm not alone in being psyched about her performance. I'm a little bitter Taylor Swift wasn't back this year, but one of her BFFs? Definitely a solid replacement.