Eagles Of Death Metal Return To Paris

In their first live appearance since terrorists opened fire inside one of their concerts in Paris last month, the Eagles of Death Metal joined U2 on stage Monday, and proved that no amount of terrorism would ever shut down them or the city. It was rumored for some time that the American rock band would be appearing beside U2, but U2 effectively squashed the speculation, stating that it wouldn't happen. Then, in a surprise move, there they were in Paris, and the Eagles of Death Metal stepped into the spotlight.

The impact of the terrorist attack on the Eagles of Death Metal was never more clear than during an interview with VICE. Members of the band openly grieved as they recounted watching gunmen shoot innocent concertgoers — young people who simply wanted to enjoy a Friday night out listening to some music. During Monday's concert, the Eagles of Death Metal performed "I Love You All The Time," the same song they had asked their rock peers to cover, with all proceeds going to victims of the attack. "We are calling upon our friends to donate their time, talent and good will in a show of solidarity to help the victims of these atrocious acts in Paris and those affected by terrorism worldwide," the band said in a statement.

Which is what makes their performance of "I Love You All The Time" that much more poignant. Check it out below.

And here are both bands performing a cover of Patti Smith's "People Have The Power."

Music transcends all languages and cultures. To see this California band come back to Paris — a site of personal tragedy — was nothing short of inspiring.