A 7-Year-Old Beyonce Could Have Totally Starred In NBC's 'The Wiz Live!' & Here's Proof — VIDEO

If you watched NBC's special presentation of The Wiz Live! on Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 2015, then you should have no doubt in your mind that that production was star-studded. With Queen Latifah rocking it as The Wiz, Ne-Yo breaking out the Tin-Man moves, and Orange is the Black's Uzo Aduba proving she can belt her heart out, it's no wonder that the musical event drew in an audience of 11.5 million views in it's nearly three-hour timespan. The live-streamed musical presentation also happened to introduce the insane new talent of Shanice Williams. And, damn... That girl is not just going to pack up her bags and up and pack her bags for Kansas after that one. I expect to see her around a whole lot more. Especially, since nailing the song "Home" the way she did is no easy feat. That is... unless you are a seven year old Beyoncé.

Yep, believe-it-or-not, this world dominating songstress has actually had her fair share of experience with the lead role of Dorothy in The Wiz — when she performed the show's song "Home" at a talent competition at the age of just seven years old. Not only did she hit all of those high notes, but she let nothing hold her back. And it's clear to see how that little Beyoncé turned into the confident and fierce Queen Bey that she is today. Why don't you just see for yourself?

Unbelievable! And how cute is that Dorothy dress she's wearing?! But, anyway, watching how talented Beyoncé was at just seven years old with the popular show makes me kind of wish she found her spot in the recent live presentation. However, it all worked out for the best, because casting Beyoncé as Glinda The Good Witch would've meant Uzo Aduba wouldn't have gotten the role. And... wow! Did that girl rock that soundstage or what?! Sorry Bey, but you'll just have to wait until next time.

Image: drteaisback/YouTube; Giphy