The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Is Opening In Hollywood, So Non-Majs Across The Country Can Finally Go To Hogwarts

No-majs from either coast now have the chance to pack up their owls and head to Hogwarts, because The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is opening at Universal Studios Hollywood. The plans for an L.A. Wizarding World have been flying around for a while, but now the date is set — and it’s only four short months away. This is such exciting news, that it might even make up for the time we all turned 11 and didn’t get Hogwarts acceptance letters.

Lucky East-Coasters have had an Orlando-based Wizarding World for quite some time, and were even treated to a Diagon Alley extension last summer. But finally, it’s heading West. On April 7, 2016, I fully expect everyone on the West Coast of the USA to take the day off work and visit the brand new Wizarding World in Hollywood. Don’t let me down, kids.

The production designer for all the ‘Wizarding Worlds’ so far has been a genius named Stuart Craig, the very same genius, in fact, who designed all eight Harry Potter movies — and even he thinks this latest park will be his biggest challenge. “Hollywood is the home of movie magic,” Craig explained. “Hollywood understands what this takes and will be our most informed critic.”

Well, I have to say that so far, it looks like the new Wizarding World is about to be every bit as delightful as all eight movies and four theme parks combined. Think I’m exaggerating? Watch this magical video of Luna Lovegood lighting up Hogwarts castle.

Universal Studios Hollywood on YouTube

The new Wizarding World in Universal Studios Hollywood will include the same Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride that already exists in Florida, but this time in glorious 3-D to bring visitors even closer to the magic. There’ll also be a family rollercoaster called Flight of the Hippogriff — doesn’t that just make you want to take to the skies?! And of course, there’ll be plenty of Butterbeer to go around.

Image: Universal Studios Hollywood/YouTube