Kendall Jenner's Coat Game Is So Strong

When it comes to nailing effortless street style, no one does it better than the eldest Jenner gal. In addition to her usual thigh-high boots, polished sweaters, and elegant accessories, the model has always got some kind of funky coat on that perfectly elevates any outfit. Recently, Kendall Jenner wore another statement coat while out and about in London, further proving that her coat game is oh so strong.

The 20-year-old hit the streets in black skinny jeans, a slinky, low-cut crop top, and shiny black boots. She layered the all-black ensemble with a shaggy furry coat that combined patches of baby blue, lavender, violet, and black. The retro-looking coat gave off major '70s vibes boho vibes. The model accessorized with a thick black choker (which all the It-girls seem to be wearing these days), a silver chain necklace, black round sunnies, and black bowling bag. It looked as though she was channeling her inner John Lennon, and it suited her perfectly.

Jenner is undoubtedly the reigning queen of celebrity street style. From her impeccable airport style while jet-setting around the world, to her laid back looks while out running errands, KJ always brings it in the fashion department like the world is her personal runway.

Check out the latest gorgeous look.

She gets an A+ in my book.

Let's take a look at six other stunning coats that prove Jenner's street style rules alls.

1. Leather & Fur

Leave it to KJ to make a simple moto jacket look fresh and new.

2. Lavender Maxi

Does it get anymore chic than this?

3. Basic Navy

So elegant it hurts.

4. Fur-Collared

This is everything.

5. Green Trench

Olive green is a beautiful color on her.

6. Sleek Black

The leather accents take this coat from basic to totally fab.

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