Emmy Rossum Is Easily Distracted By Boobs

On Shameless, Emmy Rossum may play a rough and tough chick from one of Chicago's harshest neighborhoods, Canaryville. As a testament to her acting abilities, though, in real life, Emmy Rossum is actually quite sweet — and, apparently, easily distracted by boobs. That got your attention, didn't it? In a new interview on Conan , Emmy Rossum explained that she once got distracted by a provocative hot dog ad that she nearly rear-ended the car in front of her while driving in LA, because the ad featured a buxom woman with a very...sexual slogan. Well, It's probably best to just let Rossum explain herself, as she does the story more justice than I ever possibly could.

Not exactly important, but a fun fact: For some reason, it's becoming kind of a trend that Emmy Rossum's appearances on Conan include hot dogs. Back in 2012, she appeared on the show and (beautifully) sang opera in order to earn a hot dog, which she did, because oh my God her voice is that of a million little angels. See that clip here.

And, of course, you can check out the clip of Rossum on last night's Conan below.