The 'FNL' Alum Showdown At The Box Office

It's a great weekend to go see a movie if you were a fanatical Friday Night Lights viewer. Fans of the show will look forward to two movies playing in theaters this weekend. Get ready to see some familiar Dillon High School faces in the found footage-style horror flick Devil's Due and the Navy Seal thriller Lone Survivor . For those of you who swooned over Julie Taylor's beau and quarterback Matt Saracen, check out Zach Gilford as the excited dad-to-be who realizes that his baby is actually the Anti Christ. (Oof. Bummer.)

If you're more interested in the bad boys, then you can feast your eyes on the former Tim Riggins, Taylor Kitsch, as a Navy Seal in Lone Survivor.

Are you having a problem picking between such beautiful TV stars? Don't rely on the film reviews to tell you which movie you should buy tickets for. Just ask yourself a few simple questions: Are you a Julie Taylor or a Lyla Garrity? Do you prefer quarterbacks or running backs? Or if you simply can't decide, take a look at these pictures below. Which pictures make your heart beat the fastest?

Tim Riggins...

Or Matt Saracen...

Ugh, forget it, just go to a double feature.

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