What Else Is On Besides the Super Bowl? 9 Shows To Watch This Year

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Dear football non-enthusiasts, welcome to the other (read:cooler) party. Come, come, join us fellow eye-rollers and bored-out-of-our-brain-ers who balk and the thought of watching "The Big Game." For bajillions of Americans, Super Bowl Sunday is holier than almost every other day of the year. And that's great for them, really, enjoy the game!

But for us precious few who have no actual interest in the gridiron, there is thankfully a plethora of other (read: better) things to watch than a game that stops and resets every 13 seconds. Because really, how exciting can a game be when the next day all anyone talks about are the the commercials and halftime show performers?

There's plenty of pizza, Buffalo everything, and television for us to share. Do not despair my bretheren, ye needs not suffer any longer!

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