Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate In A Marshmallow Shot Glass Is The Ultimate Boozy Holiday Treat

Sure it's the holidays, but sometimes eggnog just doesn't cut it. For those times when you need something with a little more kick, try this spiked Mexican hot chocolate recipe dreamt up by Spoon University. Cayenne pepper adds a major jolt to this seasonal favorite, and oh yeah — so do the two shots of tequila this recipe calls for. Whip this up as a treat to sip from your favorite mug, or for a truly dope celebration, toss it back in toasted marshmallow shot glasses. They are actually easier to make than you think, and since nothing goes better with hot chocolate than marshmallows, it's kind of a no-brainer. Cheers!

Cuffing season is upon us, which means it's time to get cozy with a significant other. No one's around to keep me warm, and I'm so over itchy winter sweaters, so it's time to channel my inner feminist, get naked, and take things into my own hands. I got spicy all by myself and mixed up a mad easy Mexican hot chocolate with tequila, which I threw back out of a marshmallow shot glass. Yes. Went there. Got warm. Felt nice. Mission accomplished. So much better than a boyfriend, amirite?

Photo by Max Bartick

Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 2 minutes

Servings: 1


  • 1 packet hot chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon cayenne
  • 2 tablespoons cinnamon
  • 2 shots tequila
  • 1 cup water


1. Take dat hot chocolate mix and pour it in a mug.

GIF by Max Bartick

2. Add that cinnamon…

GIF by Max Bartick

3. Drop your cayenne pepper in da cup. Mix it up. Awesomeee.

GIF by Max Bartick

4. Spike it with two shots of tequila. The real shit. No apple juice or urine, kids.

GIF by Max Bartick

To learn how to make the marshmallow shot glass, click here.

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Original article by Brooke Hamroff for Spoon University.

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