What Is Carly Fiorina's Snapchat Account? Follow Her For Personal Updates

While every presidential candidate is on Twitter and many are on Instagram, Snapchat is the newest social media being utilized in the 2016 race. Only super tech savvy candidates were quick to start snapping, but it's pretty difficult to search for people on the app, let alone be certain that the person you're about to follow is actually a presidential candidate and not a random 15-year-old in Nebraska. So, in case you're wondering — Carly Fiorina has Snapchat.

Following Fiorina on Snapchat is a great way to get a more personal look at her campaign and who she is as a person, since snaps are typically more fun and playful than tweets or Instagram posts. It's also a simple way to receive updates on Fiorina's campaign and the 2016 race as a whole — if you don't have the time or energy to constantly check the news or watch presidential debates, you can see live updates in between your friends' goofy snaps about what they ate for lunch and their third selfie of the day. Being political has never been so easy.

If you want to follow Fiorina on Snapchat, her username is "carlyforamerica," not "carlyfiorina" as you might assume.

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To really stay up to date on the election though, it would be helpful to follow multiple (or better yet, all) of the candidates. So, here are the other presidential candidates with Snapchat and their corresponding usernames.

  • Chris Christie: christie.2016
  • Lindsey Graham: LindseyGrahamSC
  • Rand Paul: senatorrandpaul
  • Marco Rubio: marcorubio16
  • Hillary Clinton: hillaryclinton
  • Martin O’Malley: GovernorOMalley
  • Bernie Sanders: bernie.sanders

Presidential races have drastically transformed in the age of social media, and it's worth taking advantage of the simple ways to get more personal with the politicians, both Republican and Democratic. In the name of politics, whip out your phone and get to snapping.