Identical Twins Play Truth Or Drink And The Sauce Gets So Real — VIDEO

I had so many of my personal questions answered by this video of identical twins playing truth or drink. All the questions that have been percolating inside of my mind ever since I watched that Olsen Twins movie where they play soccer. You know, the one where one of the girls is a daddy's girl but can't get a date and the other one is not taken seriously but dudes are all up on her? That one. Well, ever since that movie I've had some questions.

Turns out everyone has the same ones. That's why a few pairs of identical twins were asked to be part of a Truth of Drink game. Where they got so many willing participants, I will never know. The results are a mixed bag of typical answers expected from people, and a few that were really unexpected. Lets just say, I never thought the answer to "would you ever have a threesome with me?" to be anything but a firm and resounding no.

As an only child, I have such a hard time imagining having a built-in best friend in the form of an identical twin. All I can see is double the wardrobe. I wonder if on exam day, teachers are constantly asking trick questions to see if a student switched places with their twin. Anyway, here are some of my favorite answers:

1. Have You Ever Had Sex With The Same Person?

That's such a strange feeling. Knowing that you had sex with two people who look exactly the same but are totally different. I guess it happens a lot!

2. Show Us How You Held Each Other In The Womb

I loved this part. It's not so much a question as a way to get two dudes to be that close to each other.

3. You're Favorite Vacation Stop

They answered in unison. It was magical.

4. Do You Feel Each Other's Pain?

One of the guys was pinching his neck. The other twin thought he pinched his penis. The answer to this question will never see the light of day.

Watch the fascinating video below!

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