NBC Talks Renewal odds for 'Community,' 'Parenthood,' & More Favorites

NBC's entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt is currently on a press tour and he's let a lot of cats out of the bag when it comes to which shows are sticking around on the network. In addition to confirming a 7th Parks and Recreation season, (congrats Amy!) Greenblatt talked about the upcoming Peter Pan musical, and NBC spoke about two new pilots, one starring the infamously hard-to-deal-with Katherine Heigl in a CIA drama called State of Affairs. The other is a comedy produced by Amy Poehler (congrats Amy again!) and starring Orange is the New Black's Natasha Lyonne.

Among all this conversation about NBC's lineup, we have to wonder, which of our favorite shows are going to make the cut? Click through to find out.

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What’s in the cards for your favorite dysfunctional family? Greenblatt said the drama/comedy is “a great show and doing well creatively.” A 6th season is looking “hopeful.”

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This show has been the subject of constant cancellation rumors, but things are looking up for the popular comedy. Greenblatt there’s “a strong possibility” for a 6th season of higher-education hijinks.

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If you’re a fan of this show you might want to consider jumping ship because another season doesn’t look likely. During his press tour Greenblatt says he wished the ratings were higher, which is essentially the wooden stake needed to take out this vampire. NBC is a business and they don’t tend to hang on to dying ventures especially when they’re new and have yet to prove a wide fan base.

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A police drama mixed with the twisted world of Grimm’s Fairy Tales seems like a winning combo for NBC. Greenblatt joked that the odds for this show’s 4th season are “not grim.”

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The Michael J. Fox Show

According to Entertainment Weekly, this show was absent from the prime-time lineup reel, which doesn’t look good for the show’s chances of renewal. Add to this the show’s “recent 0.6 adult demo rating” which puts this show in the endangered zone.

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Sean Saves the World

Also missing from the highlight reel, the odds aren’t in this sitcom’s favor.

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Celebrity Apprentice

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Do people still watch this show? Apparently, as it’s scheduled for another season but is currently being held up by the casting process. There was no official word on this one way or the other, but my guess is that if the delays continue it could get the show pulled from the network.

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