Selena Gomez' 'Hands To Myself' Music Video Oozes Sex Appeal — VIDEO

The "Same Old Love" singer is back with a new music video from her latest album, Revival. Selena Gomez shows off serious skin in "Hands To Myself," a music video taking place in Christopher Mason's, who plays an actor in the video, modern Los Angeles mansion. In the video, the singer is lounging in the model's home, just hanging out looking fabulous. She takes off her black silk robe, revealing little more than high-waisted underwear and a bra, and heads into the bedroom to roll around in her own sexiness — as one does in a music video.

But we know something isn't right when the video lingers on a wall full of cutouts of the long haired dude, a la Homeland. Next, she wanders into his closet and runs her hands all over his clothes, grabbing a dress shirt to try on. Things escalate quickly, with Gomez playing videos of him and returning to the bed to well, touch herself.

When the model returns home, shocked to see the singer in his swanky abode, things aren't looking good for Gomez. But don't worry, there's still a twist left in store.

Watch the oh-so sultry video below. Revival is out now.

Image: Screenshot; Apple Music