Lips Drag Queen Holiday Special Puts The Rockettes To Shame

A typical holiday special may involve chorus lines, angelic singing children, and talk of chestnuts roasting over open fires. A drag queen holiday special, on the other had, is a little more outrageous — and probably a lot more fun. At Lips, a club in NYC's theater district (with locations in Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, and San Diego) that bills itself as "the ultimate in drag dining," the holiday performance includes the usual singing and dancing, plus a solid helping of glitter, false eyelashes, and wig tape.

Drag queens Lauren Order, Chandelier, and Blackie Onassis let Bustle backstage at the Lips holiday spectacular, where they showed off their elaborate pre-show routines and talked about why they think women love drag queens. The clientele at Lips, they say, is almost exclusively women — the only men on any given night are the ones who work there. "I think females are attracted to drag because ... we're such an over-feminized version of what they want to be," Chandelier tells Bustle. "Like, we're wearing all the makeup, we're wearing glitter, and we're wearing fake lashes."

While not all ladies secretly want to get decked out like these superstars, I've certainly fantasized about belting out tunes while an audience cheers. The Rockettes have nothing on them.

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