Which 'Love Actually' Character Is Your Soulmate? Find Out With This Flowchart

Here's the thing about Love, Actually — it may not be the best Christmas rom-com out there, but is, by far, one of the most entertaining. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this film or how many lines I've memorized; let's just say that the answer to both is embarrassingly high. I just love Love, Actually , and while I know the film has its haters, I'll never be on their side. I'll always support this movie, especially during the holiday season, and I'll always want the answers to some of the biggest questions in life that the movie provokes — specifically, which Love, Actually character is my soulmate, because let's be real, we've all wondered that at one point or another.

After all, Love, Actually presents many great options for people to fall in love with, from dancing Prime Ministers to Joni Mitchell-loving women to cute British boys who've just moved to America. Whether you have a thing for Hugh Grant's David, Colin Firth's Jamie, Keira Knightley's Juliet, or one of the many other characters featured in the movie, Bustle will help you figure it out, thanks to the handy flowchart below. Love, Actually is a movie about the relationships we humans have with one another, whether they be romantic, platonic, or somewhere in-between (looking at you, Billy Mack and Joe), and it's time to find out which (fictional) individual is the right one for you.

Click here to find out which Love, Actually character is your true soulmate.

Image: Giphy; Dawn Foster/Bustle