Learn About The Song In This YSL Ad, Please

I don't know your story, but I know that anytime my ears cross paths with a song that sounds like something a beautiful ghost with a beautiful ghost voice would belt out, I am immediately entranced. (Again, I don't know your story, but I know I flat out cannot resist spooky pop music.) And that is exactly what happened when I saw/heard that TV spot for Yves Saint Laurent fragrance Black Opium for the first time. The reason my eardrums' interest was piqued: the commercial features a spooky song about moving slow and fast heart beats and a head that is a jungle. I needed to know who that haunting voice belonged to, I needed to know the title of the record, and I needed to hear the record in its entirety right then and there. Here is what Shazam told me: The song in the ad for YSL Black Opium is “Jungle” by Australian singer-songwriter Emma Louise.

“Jungle” appears on 2011’s Full Hearts and Empty Rooms, the ARIA Award-nominated artist’s first EP. The song was a hit in 2k11, and went on to catch a second wind in 2013 when German producer Wankelmut released remix “My Head Is a Jungle.”

You can listen to Louise’s original version of “Jungle” right here. If you are a fan of the spooky pop subgenre, this gorgeous tune will treat you just right:

Image: YSL Beauty/YouTube