Bruce Willis Used to DJ While Filming 'The Sixth Sense': 9 Tracks That Make Us Want to Party Like it's 1999

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Haley Joel Osment, T he Spoils of Babylon star, recently did a Reddit AMA to discuss his eclectic career and current IFC mega-weird series,. Osment's rise to fame happened in an instant after he co-starred with Bruce Willis in the 1999 horror/thriller The Sixth Sense, for which he received an Academy Award nomination at the age of 11. He credits a lot of his acting chops to his co-stars.

According to Osment, "Bruce's radiant manliness certainly cannot be denied. He was great to work with, and I wish I had been a little older at the time because apparently there were some pretty great Willis-DJed crew parties on the weekends at the Philadelphia Convention center."

SAY WHAT? Please oh please tell me DJ Radiant Manliness is a thing that will be happening in 2014. Come on Bruce, give the people what they want! We can only imagine how Willis and M. Night Shyamalan used to get down in the City of Brotherly Love in the golden age of TRL and bubble gum pop. We can only imagine what those playlists actually looked like. Here's our take on The Sixth Sense DJ Radiant Manliness Dance Party '99.

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