Great News for Nine Inch Nails Fans

In possibly the best Gone Girl news yet (certainly better than a photo of Affleck spooning a corpse for the film's first image) Trent Reznor announced via twitter that he and frequent partner Atticus Ross will score Gone Girl. Hallelujah! Praise the cinematic gods because as anyone knows, Trent + Atticus + David = a match made in our wildest dreams (or as is the case for Reznor, our most twisted fantasies). The trio has created on-screen miracles several times before, remember their frantic yet sophisticated sounds in The Social Network? Or the blackened, brooding but beautiful noise that emerged in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Rightfully so, the pair won Oscars for both scores. So to celebrate the glorious news of the reunion between the Nine Inch Nails frontman, the English composer and the acclaimed director, here are a handful of our very favorite songs to emerge from their delightful and polygamous marriage. Gone Girl opens on Oct. 3, but let's hope the soundtrack drops sooner.

1. Immigrant Song (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

Not only is this version of Led Zeppelin's classic rock song an amazing cover, it also features one of the most amazing title sequences in recent years.

2. Complication with Optimistic Outcome (The Social Network)

3. Painted Sun in Abstract (The Social Network)

4. Hidden in Snow (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

5. Pieces From the Whole (The Social Network)

6. Hands Cover Bruise (The Social Network)

7. She Reminds Me of You (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)