Are We Finally Getting Some New Adele Music?

Good news for Adele fans, who have been patiently awaiting new material from he songtress while listening to "Someone Like You" on repeat more than any single person should in an entire lifetime: According to new rumors, Adele may be planning a tour to promote new material, which would take her through the UK and North America. A tour! New material! It's like Christmas all over again!

As a "source" close to Adele explained: "At the moment the discussions are all about a 2015 tour of the UK and North America at least, possibly a world tour...She has managed to spend a lot of the past two years focusing on being a mother, and wants to continue to do that while releasing and promoting new material," they said. "She has been back to work but is recording at her own pace. Her appeal has always been the quality of her music so she isn't about to rush release anything just for the sake of it."

As the Belfast Telegraph points out, Adele was forced to cancel a series of tour dates in 2011 after her vocal chords hemorrhaged because she was pushing herself too hard — so now that she's recovered from that and she's a new mother, it's probably best that she take her time to ensure she's taking care of herself.

But still...the prospect of new Adele music is an exciting one.

JK. But seriously, it's been a long time since 21 was released. Let's try to not make the next album be named 31?

Image: gifs-for-the-masses/Tumblr